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  • Upgrade to CNC router

    Upgrade to CNC router

    I am working on a project with a friend to make a guitar. We started last year, but school and the limitations of my machine got in the way. Now that I am done with school, I decided to take care of the other problem and make the machine larger. The previous machine gantry was […]

  • Toyota Tacoma vacuum insulated water bottle holder

    Toyota Tacoma vacuum insulated water bottle holder

    I love the Toyota Tacoma, it’s a great truck. But it has 12 cup holders that won’t hold a 40 ounce water container, like a Nalgene, Hydroflask, or Takeya bottle. To rectify that, some users of the Tacomaworld forum have been using chalk bags crammed under a piece of trim to hold them in place. […]

  • Adaptive Workbench

    Adaptive Workbench

    This was my biggest project to date, and was for a company called Quality of Life Plus, a non-profit org that helps disabled veterans get into hobbies and things that they otherwise couldn’t. It pairs engineering students with those in need to hopefully help out. So I was put on a team and I got […]

  • Halloween Projects – pre 2023

    Halloween Projects – pre 2023

    I love Halloween, it is easily my favorite holiday. So of course I want to make things for Halloween that I can’t buy or are too expensive. First up is my favorite project that I’ve ever done: my Halloween candy dispenser. To make it, I started by making a big coffin from fence boards. I […]

  • Old projects

    Old projects

    Here are some of the pictures I have found from my old projects. I have hundreds of files for CNC routing and 3D printing for various projects over the last 5 years, but I don’t always take pictures of my projects after I print or cut them. Still, it’s nice to have some record of […]