Diesel heater enclosure

I have a diesel heater that I got for camping, and it works really well. However, it is a mess of wires and hoses, so I wanted to make an enclosure to keep the diesel tank, heater, and battery together as a unit. It needs to be able to intake and exhaust without anything getting in the way, and it needs to be accessible from the top so I can fill the tank and recharge the battery. I need to make a wire connector that can switch between the heater connection and the battery charger, so I gave myself enough room for that, but it is otherwise a fairly tight fit. Just enough room for some countersunk machine screws in the handles too. The handles aren’t centered, but the center of gravity isn’t in the center of the box anyway since the battery is the heaviest part of the system. Needs 12 L brackets and appropriate screws to not go through the plywood or OSB that I use to construct it. Off to the hardware store!

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