Old projects

Here are some of the pictures I have found from my old projects. I have hundreds of files for CNC routing and 3D printing for various projects over the last 5 years, but I don’t always take pictures of my projects after I print or cut them. Still, it’s nice to have some record of them in one place, so here is a big post with lots of projects:

Wood box with no hardware

This is one of my very first projects, a wood box that is held together by friction fit. It was one of the first functional things I cut on my CNC router. There is no hardware except the hinges to allow the box to open. I’ve been using it for years to store various things, right now it holds some fitness bands I use sometimes.

Bean bag toss game

Here is a couple of “corn hole” boards for my wedding. These were cut and engraved on my CNC router. These used to be shockingly expensive, so I thought I’d try making some. Finish could be a bit better, but they served well for the wedding weekend. There is an engraving of a skull of crossed wrenches, and a cup of coffee that says “death before decalf”, which is appropriate for my wife and I, since I used to work on cars and she used to be a barista.

Duck Hunt themed Nerf gun shooting gallery
Nerf Gun to Light blaster comparison, Image credit: PRT_Reddit

Another wedding lawn game. This is a shooting gallery themed like Duck Hunt, the Nintendo game from 1984. Each color was a CNC operation. After each operation, I would paint the cut portions, which allowed me to make it fairly game accurate. You can see an error I made in the top middle. Just needed a bit of blue paint and it was fixed, but I couldn’t wait to take the photo. The Nerf gun used looked like the light blaster too, which is fun. I also made it so you could shoot down the laughing dog, which I am pretty sure everyone tried because he laughed at you when you missed the ducks.

A reproduction table radio
Stained with bluetooth speaker added

This was a reproduction of a 1920’s era radio that a friend liked. Neither of us could afford it, so I made one on my CNC machine. It is a small one that can fit in a junk drawer, rather than having a full sized radio, since San Diego costs too much to have large objects just taking up space. Just silly and fun, and perhaps more practical than a cubic foot of mono lofi radio.

This is a 3D printable coaster that prevents ants. It drains condensation into the reservoir, which is mostly full of petroleum jelly, which ants do not like to cross. Keeps water and sodas ant free during the hot months.

Cell phone and candle bath board

This is a board that holds a cell phone for reading or watching youtube, and holts candles, and keeps either from falling in the bath. The cell phone holder doubles as a handle to move it out of the bath when I want to take a shower. Also has little rubber feet to keep it from sliding when entering or exiting the bath tub. The tolerances are so tight that the candles (which are LED but have a bit of wax on the outside) will hold even if you turn the board completely vertical.

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