Upgrade to CNC router

I am working on a project with a friend to make a guitar. We started last year, but school and the limitations of my machine got in the way. Now that I am done with school, I decided to take care of the other problem and make the machine larger. The previous machine gantry was affixed at the edge of the table and couldn’t take more than 24 inches of material, and was limited by the gantry plate to about 19 inches of travel, and only about 17 was useful travel.

Here is the upgraded machine, large enough to cut the 39 inch neck without multiple setups. It will still require a top and bottom routine, but that is far easier than the previous 4-8 setups required. The total travel is around 54 inches. Still lots to do to make that project a reality, but this is one limitation eliminated.

Wide boy, ready for super long cuts.

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